Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Trio of Zombie Apocalypse Shorts ...

This Trio Of Short Films Actually Makes The Zombie Apocalypse Look Fun
Source: IO9 Magazine
... at IO9 Magazine. (Videos at the link). The three shorts are: (1) Shopping in a Zombie Apocalypse; (2) Getting Gas in a Zombie Apocalypse; and (3) A Day at the Office in a Zombie Apocalypse. Until I saw the latter film, I didn't even think of taking the cutting blade off a paper cutter to use as a sword.

"Your complete guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse"

An article at The Week.

A Cabin for the Zombie Apocalypse

An Englishman's home is his Zombie Fortification Cabin: For the man who has everything, why not buy a zombie-proof shed for more than £90,000 including installation, weapons storage, an escape hatch, a ten-year anti-zombie guarantee and eco-friendly solar panels?
Article and more photos at the Daily Mail--Designed by Tiger Log Cabins

Friday, October 17, 2014

Bulgaria's Vampire Graveyards

In a 7,000-year-old town in Bulgaria, over 100 graves have been uncovered, revealing skeletons with stakes through their hearts and mutilated bones. Meet the vampires that almost were. 
Vampires may be greeted with swoons today, but in medieval Eastern Europe they were dealt a metal spike through the chest. 
Last week, Bulgarian archaeologists unearthed an unusual 13th-century grave in an ancient city named Thracian. 
The bones are encrusted in dirt, revealing a bowed, partially crushed skull and a round stake emerging from the left side of the skeleton’s chest. The interred is believed to be a middle-aged man, who was incapacitated post-death—cause unknown—by a two-pound iron rod thrust through his heart and the removal of the lower half of his left leg. Both mutilations were meant to stop the man, who villagers believed was a vampire, from returning to haunt the town and prey upon its inhabitants, researchers say.
Iron was believed to have special properties against the supernatural. Anyway, read the whole thing.